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Stage manager, playwright, dramaturg, journalist, dragon-lover. Sarah is excited by theatrical and informative storytelling as a fulcrum of connection between people. 

Sarah is an enthusiastic collaborator, a natural leader, and a prosocial source of positivity in any environment. Always searching for new and exciting opportunities. If you’d like to learn more about the inspiration, style & work that drives Sarah, feel free to get in touch.

recent doings

Summer '24

Winter '23 - Spring '24

Summer '23 - Fall '23

Stage Manager - Romeo & Juliet with Nemesis Theatre Company 🎫

Contributing Writer at Erato literary magazine

Dramaturg- Spring Awakening at Asheville Musical Theatre 🎫

Stage Manager - Twelfth Night with Asheville's Montford Moppets

Dramaturg - The Glass Menagerie at Brevard College

Dramaturg - New Queers' Eve at The Magnetic Theatre [dramaturgy site]

ASM & Dramaturg- The Splatter Play at The Magnetic Theatre

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