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AWB: Always be writing 

Well not always, that's unhealthy 

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Bite of a Rattle Snake 
full-length play

Two families centuries apart from one another are aching, growing, trying. Bite of a Rattle Snake juxtaposes the true story of the Carpenters, a nineteenth century family of five wracked by the loss of their youngest son Jack- to a fatal rattlesnake bite at just six years old- with twenty-first century Kid Cates (aged 16) --aided by their pet gopher snake Manfred-- who is just trying to make it through high school. How do we get bitten in this life? What do we struggle to shed? How do we separate the "human" from the "wild," and what do we miss by reinforcing this separation?

Brain to Pick:
hostility and healing

poetry collection

Thirty poems which explore themes of loneliness, love, magic, and mourning through a variety of forms. Brain to Pick investigates connection to others, purpose, and language—especially with attention to how the latter constructs the house in which we live, and is necessarily unstable.

Flowers on Wood
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